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  • Innovations in the Creation of Substance Patent

    QuickPat is a chemical patent specification preparation support system to make creating experimental terms quick and easy.


    Using the internal information, the system creates the drafts of experimental terms, and that can shorten the time for creating them. Furthermore, there are various checking systems which can create "strong" experimental terms.

    3 Keys of QuickPat

    Med Chem:Easy to operate and quick to make experiment terms

    Manager:Understand the entire data in the project

    IP:Creates strong intellectual property


    The Flow with QuickPat


    1.Examples designation
    Trace back the E-note and search based on the examples
    • Offers various ways to organize from data of ELN to compounds route
    2.Organizes schemes
    Organized automatically acquired schemes
    • Route selection corresponding to the importance
    • Smart scheme analysis and drawing
    3.Lot selection
    Determines the lot to be used for external terms
    • Various ways to select the lot
    • Automatic select
    4.Data checking
    Organizes the experimental terms and checks the data
    • Saves time of copying
    • Prevents mistakes through data checking function
    5.Output the experimental terms
    Output the specification
    • Creates the phrases or some lists



    If you are interested in this system, please press the download button below and get the catalogue for more detailed information!