July 05,2021

Group corporation reorganized

Management Service Group(MSC) which was including Patcore, Inc. decided to change the group system for dealing with various social issues.

Then, we developed a new organization which is called Q's fix Inc. combining Management Service Inc., Whips Inc., Systech Inc., DKH Inc., and MapSystem Inc. under the slogan of "Reborn to keep Evolving."


▶5 elements that we intend


  •  Quantum
  •  Quest
  •  Quickly
  •  Quintessence


The new organization was named "Q's fix" to make the 5 Q's(elements) we intend reality and fix old systems with our clients.

Also, our group name was changed to "CABC'S Group" which Patcore, Inc. is included.

CABC'S was named based on the wishes "Creating a Better future with Customers, with Societies." The word "CABC'S" was inspired by the origin of Kabuki which is one of the Japanese classical forms of dance-drama. It's representing the group of people who create a better future based on unconventional free-thinking.

Patcore, Inc., continue trying our best and offering high-quality products and services to our clients under the new organization from now on.