August 24,2017

ChemAxon User Group Meeting in Tokyo Sept 12, 2017


ChemAxon will present its strategical roadmap and introduce its latest products (Plexus Suite, MadFast Similarity Search, ChemLocator, Biomolecule Toolkit, Marvin Live and more). User presentations from Otsuka Pharma, Kissei Pharma and Namiki Shoji will add a user perspective to the meeting.


September 12 th, 2017 ~ 1 pm – 6 pm


Sapiapower 15th floor MSC Group Meeting Room (Reception is on the third floor)




September 12 – Tuesday



Introduction of core systems and examples of their use
  • Key database system: Instant JChem & Plexus Connect
  • Instant JChem introduction case in Otsuka Pharmaceutical
  • Drug Discovery Information Platform: ChemAxon Synergy
  • Assay data registration system: Plexus Assay
  • Instant JChem / Plexus in Kissei Pharmaceutical Industry
Supporting Medicinal Chemists: Tools and Examples
  • Ultra-fast structural search technology: MadFast Similarity SearchJChem PostgreSQL Cartridge
  • New ChemCupid reagent retrieval system of Namiki Shoji and virtual compound retrieval system – relying on MadFast Similarity Search
  • Reagent catalog database SMARTS
  • ChemLocator which can search all documents from structure
  • Structural transformation proposal system: Transformer Ver.2
  • Marvin Live to provide a “place” of structural design
  • JChem KNIME Extension by Infocom
Solutions for biopharmaceutical research