Company Info

Partners in Japan

Fujitsu Limited - Japan

This company is the leading IT vendor in Japan and has extensive experience in introducing solutions in the life sciences and chemical fields.
The company is a distributor of our company and offers total solutions that integrate the company's wide range of products and services with our products.


It is a system vendor boasting top class share in reagent management system.
The company develops CRAIS Regent, a reagent management system that combines the experience of abundant reagent management system with ChemAxon's technology.
It is a partner for related services and custom development of CRAIS Reagent.

Overseas Partners

ChemAxon - Hungary

A world leader in Chem informatics software.
It is a company dedicated to developing the latest Chem informatics solution and supports the chemical information infrastructure of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, scientific information publication vendors and others.
Our company is an agency in Japan.

Altoris - United States

Ken Medical Chemist himself was founded, is a US venture company.
Medicinal Chemist 's' itchy place to reach' desktop tool is offered.
Our company is an agency in Japan.

My Island Beach - United States

It is the developer of the world's only commercial HTS number confirmation system "Automated HTS".
Our company is an agency in Japan.