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ChemAxon has always supported education and academic research with software to teach, study and work with cheminformatics applications. This is especially so in 2020, when many of the academic institutions needed to solve their education remotely; and when research labs are still eagerly hunting for the antibody and vaccine against COVID-19. This provided us the grounds for organizing the very first event sepcifically for our academic users. We have collected the most widely used ChemAxon software products that would boost your classes and labs. On 27th of August we invite all the teachers and professors from high schools to universities; and researchers working in an academic lab to join us for a roughly 2 hours long virtual session. We will discuss the news of our chemical drawing application, called Marvin; drive you through the different calculations and major capabilities of Chemicalize and introduce our new educational platform called Zosimos. You can read more details in the agenda below.